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To remember: If none of the 100+ Audiences we offer doesn’t fit your needs, you can create a Custom Audience. This feature allows you to define and segment custom audiences, giving you access to a wide range of user groups.

Fabiola is in charge of managing the marketing department of a chain of clothing stores. She has been allocated a fixed budget and aims to attract as many potential customers as possible to her website.

Mabel wants to place an order for a new line of products she intends to sell, but first she has to get rid of her remaining stock. She is willing to increase her CPA (cost per acquisition) and her investment, as long as it brings her more sales.

To remember: Get incredible results with dynamic remarketing, a feature that goes one step further and allows you to show ads containing products and services to users who have already seen them on your website.

To remember: Do you want to create a custom audience that is not included in one of our audience segments with purchase intent? In that case, the Intent-based Custom Audiences feature is what you’re looking for, because it identifies users with purchase intent and allows you to target them in real time.

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Then we will need to set a price or a profit for those objectives. For example, if my goal is to get people to sign up for my webinar and in my webinar I am going to offer a service for 100€ and I know that more or less 10% of the webinar attendees are going to convert, then I will need to set a price or profit:

If our goal is to get many plays of a video or get reach or brand recognition, then the calculations are different as they do not correspond exactly to something we can measure in immediacy.

For an e-commerce the webinar example is also valid. If to get someone to buy a 20€ product we have to spend 15€… is it worth it? It depends! If the product is physical and we have little margin, no, it is not worth it.  If the product is digital and we can sell a lot (it is scalable), then it would be fine. Although it would be necessary to optimize everything to get better results for sure.

Notice in Columns that we have the word “Performance” selected. We are looking at a performance report, but there are other types of reports and, in fact, we can make our own reports to see what we are interested in.

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The terms and conditions describe all the general rules and conditions for the use of our learning platform Zegel Virtual, available under the domain

Each course on Zegel Virtual is composed of lesson units; and, each lesson unit contains a learning video, additional material, and at the end of the course the student will go through an evaluation.

In order to have access to a course, the total fees must be paid in full through our payment platform, either by credit or debit card, or the corresponding bank deposit through PagoEfectivo.

The interested party is obliged to review all the information corresponding to the content of the courses he/she is interested in prior to enrollment. Once enrolled, the participant will not be able to request a refund of the amount paid.

All discounts on the platform will be applied through the use of coupons that must be entered once the participant initiates the enrollment process. These coupons can provide an automatic discount of 15, 25, 35, 35, 45% discount. The coupons are not cumulative among them.

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